Welcome to the home of New Zealands BEST VALUE Bread Slicer Blades.

We have sourced high quality carbon steel blades which are ideally suited for New Zealand bakery conditions and are priced so that you can now afford to have quick efficent bread slicing all year round by allowing you to replace your blades more often if need be.This gives you great VALUE FOR MONEY.

Take a look at our Testimonials to see what some or our customers have got to say about our blades. We can supply any size blade needed and any amount. Plus if you need a unique type of blade we can sort this for you through our suppliers.

We also offer a very affordable TEFLON COATING OPTION(an extra $8+gst per blade). Coating blades in teflon allows you to cut sticky and gluten free breads especially, more easily, plus softer bread or bread at warmer temperatures.

Order by using the on-line form, ring or email us and let us know what you need.


Bread Slicer Blade Change Guide

To the right is a guide to advise when blades should be replaced based on the volume of bread loaves being sliced per day. This guide is based on information from machine manufacturers and industry experts. Working by this guide will help you keep a good level of production efficency and pro-long the life of your Bread Slicer.

Another good guide is the 6 second rule. If your bread is taking longer than approximately 6 seconds to go through the slicer that tells you your slicer blades are beginning to get blunt and are due for a change.